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New school year, new blog!

The most familiar internet me.

The most familiar internet me.

I already blog about STUFF and THINGS at SimpleEnglish, usually ELT or materials writing related, sometimes snarky-ranty, at other times, the voice of reason.

But this blog is just going to be materials for teachers to use in class. I realised I have tons of the stuff. Grammar resources I made when teaching freelance and the internet didn’t belch forth anything useful; songs lessons I can’t make any money off because the lyrics are copyrighted and I can’t quite be bothered to try and workaround even though I did buy a domain name for it once; a load of business resources I made for someone else but who never bought the copyright.

I figured it might as well be up here, shareable and doing something useful and occasionally, when the work is all my very own and not adapted, I might see what happens if I ask for 50p. But likely the urge to blog will remain my primary motivator, as it is with my other four blogs, and I will just keep posting and not get round to working out how to charge.



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