Auxiliary Noughts and Crosses

Students always have problems asking short questions with auxiliary verbs.

Do they? Yes. images

These questions that show interest, surprise or just keep a conversation going are vital when you can’t think of anything to say (or need time to think how to say it). Students could just make do with “Really?” but, after a couple of times, it sounds insincere and overly surprised. Continue reading


IT Skills quiz

This lesson is to reinforce the vocabulary used when using Office software in English, with particular reference to Word and Excel. I assume most students will know how the programmes operate. Make sure of this before pairing students up!images Continue reading

Pictures to use for past continuous vs past simple: Interruptions

These are just prompts to provoke sentences in the target structure of using past simple to interrupt continuous actions in the past. There’s no lesson plan as such.

I’ve given a suggested sentence but there are many ways to express the scenarios and maybe you could turn that into some kind of competition or race or guessing game. Mine are very boring but I used all my energy doing Google searches. Your students can do better.

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